Increase in potency in men

The use of drugs alone often gives a temporary effect and does not eliminate the cause of the decrease in potency. But there are also reliable methods to increase potency in men in a natural way.

Stress, poor ecology, a sedentary lifestyle or excessive physical activity, malnutrition, alcohol and tobacco abuse and other factors are often the cause of potency disorders. With age, this problem can get worse.

Various means of increasing potency - drugs, sea fish, pine nuts, ginger

Seven simple rules for improving potency

In order for sex life to pass without unpleasant surprises, you need to maintain the health of the body as a whole. It will help:

Balanced diet

Helps increase potency in a man who eats:

  • Foods High in Phosphorus and Zinc. Phosphorus improves hormone production and zinc helps testosterone synthesis. Most phosphorus is found in pumpkin seeds and pulp, milk, cheese, lean meat, cashews, pine nuts, walnuts, sea fish, and liver. Zinc is present in large quantities in oysters, wheat bran, dark chocolate, chicken liver, breasts and hearts, sunflower seeds, lamb, beef, egg yolks.
  • Zinc-rich sunflower seeds increase male potency
  • Foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, D. Vitamins help maintain immunity, maintain vascular elasticity, ensure blood flow to the genitals, and maintain prostate health. They are found in vegetables, fruits, butter, eggs, dairy products.

Rejection of bad habits

Refusal of alcohol, tobacco, narcotics and anabolics. The toxins and harmful substances they contain impair the production of hormones, impair the quality of sperm and can even lead to impotence. So, for example, one of the most important conditions for the successful treatment of prostatitis is the complete rejection of alcoholic beverages.


Physical activity is also very important. A sedentary or sedentary lifestyle leads to congestion in the pelvic region. As a result, too little blood flow is supplied to the genitals. Regular (but not excessive) exercise in the gym will help with this problem.

Prevention of venereal diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are often the cause of sexual dysfunctions. They cause inflammation of the genitourinary system. In the advanced form of the disease, the prostate, testicles and their appendages are affected. May cause complete sterility.

The prevention of these diseases involves the rejection of promiscuity, the use of condoms and a systematic visit to a urologist.

Regular sex life

Prolonged abstinence negatively affects male potency. Regular sexual intercourse increases the quantity and quality of sperm and is an excellent prevention of impotence. And also, as studies show, reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Complete rest

One of the factors that negatively affect male potency is overwork and chronic lack of sleep. To maintain "sexual" form, a man needs at least 8 hours of sleep and adequate rest.

No stress

Decreased negative emotional background. Stress, along with insufficient rest, reduces sexual activity.

Physical exercises to increase potency

There are a number of exercises aimed at strengthening the pubic muscle, which is directly involved in increasing potency. Perform these exercises at least once a day:

  • "Bike". Lie on your back, stretch your arms alongside your body for stability, and start moving your legs, mimicking cycling. It is necessary to perform the exercise for at least two minutes, with a subsequent increase in time to three to four minutes.
  • Walk in place. The legs should be raised as high as possible, ideally pressing the knees against the chest.
  • Circular movements of the hips. Feet should be shoulder width apart, hands on the belt. First, 20 circular movements of the hips are performed clockwise, then 20 movements counterclockwise.
  • Exercise for the muscles of the buttocks. In a sitting or standing position with the knees slightly bent, you must tense, hold tense for at least 5 seconds, then release the muscles of the buttocks. Repeat 10 or more times.
  • Raising the pelvis. Lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body. Legs should be bent at the knees, feet should be shoulder-width apart and pressed to the floor. Raise the pelvis until a straight line is formed with the knees and the body. Repeat at least 20 times.

Products to increase potency

It is often possible to improve potency in men without the help of expensive drugs. You just need to eat certain foods regularly, including:

  • Honey;
  • dill and celery;
  • beef and pork liver;
  • fresh garlic;
  • nuts;
  • Seafood;
  • eggs;
  • Chicken breast;
  • bananas and citrus fruits;
  • khaki;
  • Chocolate;
  • Ginger.

It is necessary to refuse the use of products containing soy, energy. Reduce consumption of sweets, coffee and alcoholic beverages.

Ginger root in a man's diet will have a beneficial effect on potency

Cold and hot shower

Regular contrast shower and bath with the addition of bay leaf, chamomile or pine needles will also help to increase potency at home. It is necessary to take contrast baths as follows: pour water with a temperature of about 20 degrees into one container, and 40 degrees into the second. Alternately lower the inguinal region into either container for 1 minute.

Preventive massage

A preventive massage of the testicles can have a beneficial effect on increasing sexual desire. This procedure is carried out daily at bedtime (but no earlier than 1. 5 hours after eating), in a room with a comfortable temperature, warm hands, without using cosmetics.

Before the massage, it is recommended to take a hot bath or wrap the testicles with a towel soaked in warm water for 5-7 minutes.

The procedure itself is performed as follows:

  • grasp the penis and scrotum with the index finger and thumb so that the thumbs are underneath;
  • with stroking movements, hold your thumbs from the base of the penis down and to the sides along the scrotum;
  • alternately press the right and left testicles with your fingers;
  • Lightly pull the skin of the scrotum forward several times, while avoiding sudden movements. Then grab the base of the scrotum and lower the testicles a little. It is good to massage them with gentle circular movements.

Testicular massage is contraindicated in:

  • inflammatory, infectious and cancerous disorders of the reproductive system;
  • injuries to the penis and other genitals;
  • cystitis;
  • rectal diseases (hemorrhoids and other disorders);
  • epididymitis.

Some traditional medicine recipes

Quickly at home, traditional medicine will also help to cope with sexual dysfunctions.

The most popular recipes are:

  • A cocktail of freshly squeezed carrot juice and honey, 50 ml before meals.
  • For 1 glass of milk, add 1-2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of chopped nuts. Take once a day for 30 days.
  • Pour 1 liter of boiling water into a thermos and add 100 g of lemongrass, leave to infuse for three hours. Take 200 ml three times a day for 14 days.
  • In a steam bath, boil 100-150 g of hawthorn in 1 liter of water for 10-15 minutes. Drink 100 ml five times a day.
  • Instead of regular tea to increase sexual desire, you should take ginger tea. In a thermos for 200 ml of boiling water, add 100 g of chopped ginger. Let infuse. Drink 5 times a day.
  • Ginseng root extract or tincture. It should be taken after discussing the dosage with the doctor, in the absence ofAn infusion made from catuaba leaves will increase potency before intercoursecontraindications (heart disease, hypertension).

Herbs such as catuaba and yohimbe will help to quickly increase potency immediately before intercourse.

  • 100 g of catuab should be poured into 300 ml of water and kept for 5 hours.
  • 100 g of yohimbe are boiled for 3 minutes in 150 ml of water.

The effect of both occurs within 30 or 40 minutes.

Mint is contraindicated for erection problems. It has a relaxing effect. With prolonged use, a decrease in sensitivity of the nerve endings in the penis may occur.

Medicines and dietary supplements

In the modern world there are many drugs that can cope with erectile dysfunction. They should be taken with caution. Like all drugs, they have a number of contraindications. Before using each of them, it is recommended to seek the advice of a doctor in order to prescribe the right dosage and the level of possible side effects.

Other means

In extreme cases, the following methods can be used to resolve power issues:

  • Hormone therapy - before starting treatment, it is necessary to undergo a laboratory diagnosis of possible androgen deficiency, which can cause sexual disorders. The essence of the treatment is to normalize the level of testosterone and maintain it at the required level.
  • Injections are gaining more and more popularity. Under the influence of injections, the vessels expand, blood circulation in the genitals improves, due to which a natural erection is achieved. Effective in 70% of cases. When using injections, you need to quit smoking and alcohol.
  • Surgical methods - are used only in extreme cases, when all other methods do not give the desired result.

With impotence in the modern world, any man can cope, regardless of age. But this problem can and must be solved. Knowing the methods of treatment and prevention of sexual dysfunction, every man will be able to regain health and regain self-confidence.